We provide installation services for those situations when you just don’t have the time or the manpower, or even just need a helping hand.

Our team can work with your existing team as a white label service or just as ourselves, the choice is entirely up to you. Vans are not marked to keep away from any confusion for clients.


Installations can be carried out in commercial & residential environments according to your exacting specification and we can even offer insight and advice if required. Partner up with us and use us as an extension of your business to help support you as well as your clients.



We also offer specialised installation services for Hi-Fi dealers installing everything Hi-Fi.  As we come from a audiophile background we know what is expected from your clients and you as a trusted dealer.


We are the official Linn @ Harrods installation provider for the London & Greater London areas. We can collect and deliver to your clients as well as get them up and running. Equipment can also be delivered direct to us.


We have experience installing: Linn, Naim, Meridian, Rega as well as many prestigious other brands.